Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good luck ignoring that ring

I'm not sure what it going on lately. Perhaps it's withdrawal symptoms from my time at Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette, perhaps I'm losing my mind, or perhaps it's just a normal day for me.

I'm seeing visions of the NuvaRing everywhere I go.

I was first introduced to the NuvaRing at a Planned Parenthood education event, where they had examples of various contraceptives. It was quite the cool event. But shortly after, I noticed this sign in the background of one of favorites T.V. shows, Scrubs.

(That is indeed the logo for NuvaRing, but all words have been left off.)

and then a few weeks ago, I was at Target, when I saw an end cap full of rows and rows of this:

(It's the Method Aroma Ring, not intended for contraception.)

and then last night, in my L.L. Bean catalog, I saw this...

(Now that's what I call camping!)

My only solace, is that hopefully now I have infected you. The support group will be held on Tuesdays, please bring a potluck item.
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