Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stand out

It gets really dark during winter nights here in the Pacific Northwest. Really dark.

"What was that I just ran over?" dark.

It started bothering me when I walked from my car to the gym and I realized that I probably couldn't be seen by the passing cars that seemed so intent at getting a parking space.

It also bothered me when I was in downtown Portland, realized my jacket was black and realized I might as well paint a target on myself (minus the attention getting red paint).

But it really bothered me when I was driving in my neighborhood and only saw a teenager on his bike because his black sweatshirt slipped up a bit from his black pants and I saw a flash of white skin.

So I bought a nice new jacket to wear on walks at night and to/from the gym.

It even has a pocket for my MP3 player.

and I bought two ankle reflective bands to keep in my regular jacket pocket to pull out and apply when the sun goes down and I would like more protection.

If you can't beat 'em...blind 'em!
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