Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have a Treasurelicious Tuesday (Everyday with Rachael Ray, July/August 2008)

I'm pretty sure you know the drill by now...but for you newbies:

It's Treasurelicious Tuesday, a day where I review items that I have found in a magazine/online or from one of our Treasurelicious users!

This weeks review comes from the June/July issue of EveryDay with Rachael Ray. Items are from the Shop section (p. 202) entitled, The Life Aquatic.

(I thought we could use a little warm up from this cold weather.)

Camellia Student Watercolor Set
$3? Sure, sounds great. I used to put watercolors on my face instead of make-up, when I was little. You be the judge on whether or not I turned out O.K.

Dinghy Drain Stopper
The editors at EveryDay, say, "Little sailors won't complain about bathtime when they can navigate the waters of Bathtub Sea." Yet, the web-site selling the item clearly states: "Not intended as a toy. Not for children under 6 without supervision."

Good luck telling your kiddo that they can't play with that cool floating boat in the tub.

Durabooks Waterproof Books
I didn't understand this. I think that if you are sunning, you should be sunning, if you are swimming, you should be swimming. Not doing both at once. Seemed like a gimmick.

But then I found Aqua Erotic: 2. I get it now. Moving on...

Fred Ice Kabob
I will freely admit that I think this is stupid. But let me give a chance. Ok, 3 swizzle sticks come with the mold, so I can make 3?? Yippee. And when the 3 sticks are lost, then what? No, I was right, this is stupid.

Nautical Swim Ring
I've never met a swim ring that helps anything really float. I suppose it might be useful if you were going to play a game of giant ring toss.

Woman's Active Cami
As long as you don't define "active" as doing any real exercise with jumping involved, you should be fine.

Sigg Water Bottle
I've been over this already.
I am however, very impressed with the Sigg PR team. (They've gotten their product featured in lots of magazines.)
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