Thursday, January 8, 2009

Save some green

You all know I love being cheap, and I also love not having my house full of stuff I don't want. So today, I share with you

5 ways to save some green:

1. Max Out Your Library Card:
My library lets me check out magazines, DVDs, books on Tape or CD and books. Although I haven't hit the limit yet, I always try to check out as much as possible.

2. Cut the Cord:

I refuse to pay for cable TV, it's just too expensive and a big waste of time. Instead, I watch TV on They don't have all shows, but they have enough for me to get my TV fix. (You can also try borrowing DVDs from friends.)

3. Don't Buy "THING" Gifts, buy "DO" Gifts:
Unless I know exactly what the person wants, I will try and get them a "DO" gift: tickets to a play, a massage gift certificate, movie tickets, etc.

4. Stop Buying Giftwrap:

What a huge waste of money! If I do give a present (which is rare) I will wrap it in a cool old map, an airplane chart or white butcher paper.

5. Check out Consumer Reports Magazine First:

At the library, I look up ratings for the item I am looking for. I photocopy the page I need and bring it with me to shop. It has saved me money and frustration every time.
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