Saturday, January 31, 2009

There's No "I" In Team Work

I've had a rinky-dink bedside table since I bought it at an unfinished furniture store in Brighton, MA, many years ago. Last week, I finally decided that I wanted to upgrade. So Martin and I went to IKEA.

After a plate of Swedish meatballs, we wandered the store and found the perfect thing. We promptly returned home and set to putting it together. Martin is a bit of a veteran of IKEA furniture building. (I think it's a required course in all European High Schools.)

And of course, since we consider ourselves a team, I wanted to help.

So I got the tools.

and I took pictures (very important!).

My bedside table slowly took shape and then was quickly filled.

So, like I said, There is no "I" In Team Work. (However, if you move some letters around, there is a "me".)
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