Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Treasurelicious Tuesdays (Self Magazine, November 2008)

It's Treasurelicious Tuesday, a day where I review items that I have found in a magazine/online or from one of our Treasurelicious users!

This week's Treasurelicious Tuesday features the lovely and talented actress, musician, author, mom and wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, in an interview in Self Magazine, from November 2008.

Jada mentions 7-Up because she says she uses it for making 7-UP pound cake. Having never heard of this before, I've now heard of 7-Up pound cake 2x this week. And here's a recipe I found, in case you want to try and make it yourself.

Carol's Daughter Haircare Products
Jada fully admits that she is both an avid user and investor in Carol's Daughter. I've never used these products myself, but it looks like one of it's products, Hair Milk, just won a Best of Sephora award.

(Although, I'm sure those awards are probably created just to sell more product.)

JBrand Jeans

At this point, I was thinking to myself, hey Jada seems like a reasonable person. She gets in a little promotion for her business, she seems so non-Hollywood. But $178 jeans? Hell no.


Ok, that's better. She states, "Surfing is like yoga on the water. You engage your mind and spirit." I like that. That's good.

Under Armour Shorts

Pinkett Smith says "I live in Under Armour shorts. I love being active with my kids."

Is this like how I want to wear pajamas all the time? Maybe I'm destined to be a Hollywood star after all!
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