Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twitter Isn't Just Useless Blabber


If you don't know what it is, please read here. If you do know what it is and are rolling your eyes because you think it is useless, please read on...

Last week, my lovely and talented friend, Christina Williams, of Page One Public Relations, tweeted that Greenbox was featured in this month's Forbes magazine.
Having just found the newest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine in my mailbox, I tweeted to Christina (@seeger)

and thus there was a bit of an exchange.

I also mentioned that the newest edition of Fast Company magazine was out:

About 2 hours later, I had a new follower on Twitter, Ellen McGirt, Senior Writer for Fast Company Magazine. (@ellmcgirt). (I'm guessing she found me by doing a Twitter search for "Fast Company.")

We had a nice exchange.

and about 5 hours later, I got an email from an employee at Greenbox asking if I could take a picture of the magazine and sent it (they were having trouble finding a copy.) Which I promptly did.

So. Twitter useless? No way.
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