Thursday, February 12, 2009

Break Some Barriers

Last night was the second ever Portland, OR area Type 1 Diabetes Supper Club. There were some new faces, and some familiar faces and lots of laughter. I was talking to one guy about how there are really only a few things Type 1 Diabetics can't do. And he said, "Yeah, like climb Mt. Hood or hike the Pacific Crest Trail." I wanted to scream BULLSHIT! But instead, I said, "Not true. I know of at least one very famous Type 1 diabetic mountain climber.

But I couldn't remember his name. So I looked it up today and I found not one but THREE.

Will Cross, Type 1 Diabetic, climbed Mt. Everest (plus many other mountains).

Bill Bicksler
, Type 1 Diabetic, climbed Mt. McKinley, (plus others).

Caroline Burridge, Type 1 Diabetic, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (plus others).

(and I'm sure there are more....)

but the best part of the evening was when the lovely, 18 year old, Type 1 Diabetic, insulin pumping, D. declared that she got Scuba Certified a few months ago. Jaws dropped.

"But my doctor told me when I was diagnosed [20 years ago] that Type 1 Diabetics can't get scuba certified." one woman said with tears in her eyes.

"Not anymore" said D.

Bam! Barrier broken.

If you live in the Portland, OR area, please consider attending the Portland American Diabetes Association Expo on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009. I will be at the Animas booth, preparing to lift my shirt up as many times as needed. Please come say hello.
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