Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Your Due Diligence

Martin and I went to see Coraline over the weekend. We went partly because Laika, the company that made the movie is based in Portland, OR, partly because it got an "A" according to Entertainment Weekly and partly to just hang out together.

We got there way early, so early in fact that we had memorized the "Fun Facts" reel about 5 minutes after sitting down.

Slowly, others started filing in with lots and lots of kids in tow. Martin and I are used to being the only adults without kids at "kid" movies (see: Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, etc.) but this time as the adults and kids surrounded us on all sides, I said to Martin, "I hope these kiddos will be O.K., from what I've heard, the movie is going to be a little creepy."

And it was. Creepy. Oh, so, incredibly creepy. Not a lovey-creepy like Edward Scissorhands, not a funny/whimsical creepy like Nightmare Before Christmas. Creepy.

It was a horror movie.

Coraline is a horror movie.

It was beautiful. The effects and art were simply stunning. But it is a HORROR MOVIE!

Almost every trailer I saw before the movie was aimed at kids. In most online reviews, they are saying it is a "family movie". Please, don't listen to this. If you really want your kids to watch it, please watch it first.

You can get a little taste of it by watching the preview here. That spooky, hair standing up on the back of your neck feeling you get? That stays with you during the whole movie and it gets worse.
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