Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have a Treasurelicious Tuesday (EW, Jan 30-Feb. 6, 2009)

It's Treasurelicious Tuesday, a day where I review items that I have found in a magazine/online or from one of our Treasurelicious users!

This week's list will be short and sweet and taken from Entertainment Weekly in a section they call, Style Hunter. Entertainment Weekly readers write in and ask where to find things they've seen in their favorite TV shows and movies.

Dress from Bride Wars
The blue and navy dress by Nadia is quite pretty. And I'm glad I saw a photo of it in the magazine because I won't be bothered to see the movie. (The magazine gave it a low score in a previous issue.)

Mugs from Two and a Half Men
At $30 for a set of four, it's a great deal. But with all STD jokes that Charlie and Alan Harper throw at each other, I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable drinking from one.

Necklace from Bones
One of a kind pieces are always good, but starting at $500? No thank you.
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