Monday, February 23, 2009

Mix It Up

I haven't been to kick boxing class since January because I'm supposed to give my finger a rest. And when I see the punching bag, it's hard to remember that I am supposed to give my finger a rest.

Today, I saw a truly hokey infomercial on TV for Core Rhythms and while watching, remembered that the last time I was at the community center I saw an announcement for a Zumba class. So tomorrow, I will learn how to Zumba.

Or at least how to not fall over while trying to Zumba.

Or at least not punch any thing.

Or at least have something to blog about.

(I only really need one of those to happen.)

Zumba, with Rachelle Wish

It was a low impact, full body workout. (She even snuck some squats in.)
(Scale 0-5)

Instructor Cuing: 2 (Although, I'm not sure if they cue a lot in Zumba anyway.)
Instructor Fitness: 5
Instructor Enthusiasm: 5
Full Body Workout: 5
Fun: 5
Difficulty Level: 4
Intensity: 4
Booty Shaking Level: 5+
Sexual Energy: 4

So, big thumbs up for Zumba. Just don't take my spot in class!
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