Thursday, February 5, 2009

Think Before You Cheat

A certain ex-boyfriend's heart just sunk to his stomach. Calm down, I'm not telling that story.

This story goes back to the 1980's. It was a high school Geography or World Cultures class. We had a test. It must of been on the countries of South America or some other smallish continent.

Anyway, we were supposed to fill in a map. Apparently, my school mate Jennifer (may or may not be her real name) did not feel adequately prepared. The teacher soon found a map drawn on Jennifer's left hand.

I'm not sure what happened to her after that but I remember thinking it was an incredibly stupid way to cheat.

And now, a song about cheating by Carrie Underwood (or Carrie Underwear, as we call her in my house) which reminds me of a certain Spanish teacher at my other high school who used to tell us how to put sugar in gas tanks....
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