Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Last Monday, my niece turned 14. *gulp* I finally understand why my Aunts used to always say, "How can you be all grown up? I used to change your diapers!" I have so far, been able to refrain from saying that to E., but I REMEMBER!!!!

I've been trying to make sure that she can reach me if she needs me for something. And since she is 14, texting is her favorite form of electronic communication. So, a week before her birthday, I sent her a text:

ME: What do you want for your birthday?

HER: Who IS this?

(At this point, I realized that she had not entered my phone number in to her phone, so it did not tell her who sent the text. And I laughed.)

HER: Hello??

(At this point, Martin walked in. I had to tell him the story and we were both laughing.)

ME: Sorry, it's Auntie Lia.

HER: Oh, umm...I don't know. Cash??

(Martin and both lost it this time. Good for her to just asking for what she wanted.)

So on Saturday, when we all met up to celebrate both E's (3/9) and my birthday (3/6) I teased her a bit about the text conversation. (And I noticed she didn't bother to remedy the situation, either!)

But before everyone showed up, Martin and I needed to waste some time. So I took pictures of us in the car.

He complained that I cut him out, so here is just one of him.

Oh, and here's an all birthday girl pic of E. and myself.

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