Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Make Amends

Dear P.

I'm sorry I've been bad mouthing you to my friends and family. I'm sorry that I've called you worthless and a slacker. While I know it's not your fault, the feeling of abandonment and the constant reminders just make it worse for me.

I know I am partly to blame, I've just hated you and not bothered to find out what makes you tick. Last week, about 20 years after you stopped "trying", I finally found out that I have been very wrong this whole time.

20 years ago, you were plodding through life innocently enough, I know, until unfairly attacked by something close to you. I'm sure you didn't even see it coming. And you were hurt. Things were broken that can never be fixed. I knew all this, I'd learned all this and I thought that was it.

So, I complained that you gave up, that you were worn out and useless.

But now I learn this isn't the case.

When I joked that all I wanted for Christmas, was a new pancreas, you kept on. When I accused you of being dead weight, you kept going.

It turns out, that while one part of you is broken, you keep soldiering on. You've been keeping my small intestine and stomach running smoothly for all these years.

Thank you for that.

(And if you happen to hear from my T-Cells that went rouge about August of 1989, let me know. I have a bone to pick with them.)
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