Friday, March 27, 2009

Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think

What could be more appropriate in Portland, Oregon that warm, fuzzy, socks?

That's right, the wonderful online store, full of all things leggy, Sock Dreams is in fact, based in Portland, Oregon. Rather than just shopping on line, I decided to actually stop by the store.

(Oh, look, there's a strip club behind them. I wonder if any of the dancers ever come in to round out their outfits.)

The store is stocked, and gorgeous, and the staff was super helpful.

I ended up buying my first pair of fingerless gloves, my first pair of over the knee socks and a lovely garter (supposed to be used to hold up long socks) that I will be attaching my pump to and will be wearing under my fancy shmancy dress for the JDRF Gala next week.

(This blog post was written wearing my new fingerless gloves. Aahhhh. Warmies.)

Sock Dreams is located at 725 SE Powell Blvd
Portland OR 97202 Note: The store has very limited hours!

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