Saturday, April 18, 2009

Don't Destroy My Trust

Last week, I was hanging with my brother in Olympia, Washington and he introduced me to the book: Eat This, Not That (Supermarket Survival Guide), by Rodale.

It's a beautiful, glossy, book. It's supposed to steer you away from the truly crappy food at the supermarket to well, less crappy food [my opinion] at the supermarket. Now, I'm always up for a new and easy way to find nutritious things to eat. I get tired of reading all the labels at the supermarket, or *gasp* researching things ahead of time.

Upon further inspection, I noticed that the makers of the book also publish Men's Health Magazine and Woman's Health Magazine and that each issue has a Eat This, Not That section. The next time I was at the library I grabbed some Men's Health Magazines (they did not have Women's Health) and took them home. They seemed overly ab focused, but I found some interesting articles. (Yep, I read Men's Health for the articles.)

I was ready to buy a two years subscription to Woman's Health (I have the check right here), and then I happened to see Matt Bean, Senior Editor of Men's Health Magazine, on the Early Show suggesting people eat both McDonald's Egg McMuffin and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (sans the cheese).

I don't care if a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (sans the cheese) is only 300 calories. A Quarter Pounder with Cheese is NOT FOOD. McDonald's can claim it uses 100% beef, but I don't believe them. Plus, the bun alone has 25+ ingredients. Scary stuff.

So, Rodale, I don't trust you anymore. (I have now ripped up the check I was going to send to you.)

And for me, trust is sacred. Once you lose my trust, it's hard to get it back. And if I don't trust you, why would I bother spending any of my precious time on you? The answer: I'm not.
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