Thursday, April 23, 2009

Put Down That Gatorade

YOU: "But, Lia, I just worked out and I need to replenish fluids."

ME: "Did you workout for more than an hour? Are you a endurance or ultra endurance athlete?"

YOU: "Um, no. But I'm thirsty. And I worked so hard."

ME: "Drink water, stupid. If you drink a 32 fl. oz bottle of Gatorade, you will drink 200 calories. If you drink a 20 oz. bottle of Powerade, you will consume 195 calories, a bottle of VitaminWater has 125. Why un-do your hard work?

YOU: "Umm, but it tastes better than water."

ME: "Yes, I know it does. It's because it's pure sugar. Want to know how I know this?"

YOU: "Not really, but I have a feeling you will tell me anyway."

ME: "True. Because, when I am having an insulin reaction (my blood sugar is dropping) and I need fast acting sugar, purer than table sugar, purer than apple juice or candy, I drink GATORADE. (And all I need is a cup of it to send my blood sugar soaring back up.)"

YOU: "You are so smart."
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