Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stop Forgetting

In Middle School, my best friend N. dumped me for boys. I still saw them as friends to play sports with, she saw them otherwise.

In High School, 5 of my friends stopped talking to me after they saw my modeling portfolio. (I can only guess this is the reason, since they never told me.)

In College, my friend I., the one I went to camp with every summer, and her friend, spent 2 hours making fun of me because I didn't like to party at school.

Also in college, my roommate stopped talking to me when she decided that she was no longer straight.

And recently, a friendship that was truly intoxicating, has come to an end. I fear we burned too bright for too long, and simply have nothing left.

My point? Friendships and relationships ebb and flow. The only constant in all your relationships is you.

I need to stop forgetting that part.
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