Monday, June 8, 2009

Feel Good About Ditching Your Old Phone

The new iPhone 3GS release date was announced today, and Twitter is ablaze with people lusting after it. While I don't understand the need to have the newest shiny object out there, I'm not here to judge (well, not today anyway).

I'm here to inspire you to recycle your old phone, rather than just letting it gather dust.

5 Ways To Sell/Recycle Your Old Phone:

Send any brand of phone to Apple for free recycling (they also take iPods).

Sell your old/broken phone (plus other electronics) to

Donate/recycle it with ExPhone.

Sell your phone to GreenPhone and they will also plant a tree.

Or, pop your Zip Code and "Cell phone" into the handy search function at and find a place nearby where you can drop off your phone.

Don't forget to recycle the original packaging that came with the old phone.

Enjoy the new one until the next model comes along, then repeat.

Image courtesy of William Hook and used under the Creative Commons License
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