Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Speak Up For What You Want: Part 1

I was watching PBS recently (we don't have cable, so I tend to watch PBS a lot!) and saw a documentary about faith and environmentalism. One of the snippets involved an activist group that was trying to get major magazines (National Geographic, The New Yorker, etc.) to switch from using virgin trees, to using recycled paper. This idea intrigued me, and I've been checking every magazine I see now for either the FSC Recycled logo

Or a note on the title page inside stating that the magazine is printed on recycled paper (any % will do).

Of the 4 I subscribe to, only 1, Fast Company, uses 100% recycled paper. If any magazine thinks that using recycled paper will take away the quality and luster of their magazine, all they need to do is pick up a copy of Fast Company. It has a great look, and a lovely feel. (Plus, great articles!)

So, I decided to get vocal. Rather than just sending an email that will only be viewed by one or two people, I decided to also ask the magazine companies, via Twitter, if they would consider switching to recycled paper.

So, I tweeted to:

USAA (It's the magazine sent out by the banking/insurance company) @usaa_news
Entrepreneur Magazine, @EntMagazineAmy, entmag@entrepreneur.com
Inc., @IncMagazine, mail@inc.com

My next post will show the results.
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