Monday, July 20, 2009

Bust Through Your Comfort Zone

I've always secretly wanted a personal trainer. I wanted someone that could focus on me, tell me what I should be doing (exercise wise), but it's always felt so extravagant that I've never looked in to it. (I also had enough of being yelled at from playing field hockey in high school.)

So last week, I finally decided to step up. After spending some time figuring out exactly what I wanted. I went to Northwest Personal Training's website. The gym is quite close to my house, and I always see their trainers walking around Downtown Vancouver. Northwest Personal Training was offering a free week of classes or a free hour with a personal trainer, so I signed up online.

Days later, I arrived at my appointment early, and was able to peruse the club. It had an intimate feel, but was packed with equipment. It's divided in to: weight room, group exercise room, and then locker rooms. I was pleasantly surprised to see full size hairdryers, fluffy towels, and hair products a plenty in the Woman's locker room (I think I just might move in.) They even provide free locks & keys to borrow so you can lock your stuff up.

Then I met my trainer, Kara Carlson. Smart, funny, and beautiful, we hit it off right away. How could we not? She told me that she had read my blog for research! We went over the paperwork I had filled out prior, talked about my desire to not be yelled at, and my tendency to talk back (I blame the exercise instructors on my DVDs.) and then hit the gym for some tests.

She noted that my left shoulder was much higher than my right, and told me about the wonders of massage therapy, and suggested I get one STAT. (That's when I decided she was my new bestest friend.)

I won't bore you with reports of my spectacular form, but I will tell you what she had me start implementing.

1) Increase water consumption to 3 Liters a day.
2) Adding another cardio/weight lifting session to my weekly routine.
3) Upping the intensity of my cardio session.

I came away from the session with Kara extremely pumped and excited. I see her again next week, to get my official exercise plan and I'm giddy with anticipation!
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