Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keep Your Eyes Open

Last night July 4th, 2009 the neighborhood fireworks started around 9 pm. Because setting off fireworks is legal in Vancouver, WA *sigh* people had been setting them off every night for a few days. Much to my delight, it hadn't been that bad. Both Martin and I were able to actually sleep and function this week.

But last night, it was loud. So loud that I couldn't sleep. So I went upstairs with my laptop to try and distract myself while people blew up their hard earned money (for no good reason). I got about 15 minutes in to Burn Notice (TV show) when fireworks went off diagonally across the street from my house. There were a bunch of teenagers, lighting them off in the middle of our not very wide street. I could hear the clink of glass bottles, and the sound of more being opened with a bottle opener.

After the first one went off, I considered closing the window, but when they lit the second one, it fell over somehow and I saw it sending sparks up the street in all directions, towards various parked cars. It even caught another neighbor's law on fire in two spots. One of the girls screamed and ran over and patted out the fire with her hands. At this point the whole street filled with smoke.

I decided (since these are the same neighbors that lit our backyard on fire from their fireworks two years ago) to go sit outside. So I turned on the front lights, walked outside and around back to get the hose. I dragged it to the front of the house and hooked it up. At this point the teenagers scrambled behind a white mini-van parked in the driveway, trying to hid behind it. What they didn't realize was that 1) glass is see-through and 2) they were standing directly beneath a street lamp.

The street was littered with little weights w/ parachutes (I guess they are what popped out of the fireworks). So I grabbed a chair, pointed in their direction, sat down in my driveway and kept watching my show. After about 10 minutes, they finally stopped hiding and one of them smashed a glass bottle in the street in front of their house and they all went inside.

10 minutes later two girls walked out of the house and hopped in a blue/green hatch back car and drove away (in the direction opposite from me). About 20 minutes after that 3-4 guys walked out of the house and got in to the white minivan (I had already made a mental note of what kind of car it was). They sat in the car for about 2 minutes, as if deciding something, and then revved the engine. Then they pulled out of the driveway and started driving towards me (it would have been easier and quicker if they had driven the opposite direction-away from me). They slowed a little bit as they passed by, then sped up to my neighbor's yard waste container, which was sitting at the curb about 15 feet away from me.

The driver yelled and then shoved the yard waste container over with his hands and peeled off down the street. I'm 100% sure he thought it was my container and was pissed that I had ruined his fun and wanted to a) show off and b) vent some anger.

But what he didn't realize is that he was right beneath another street lamp and I could see his license plate perfectly.

When I woke up this morning, most of the fireworks mess had been cleaned up, but the container was still knocked over.

I'm glad the mess was cleaned up, but it still bothers me that that boy both a) felt the need to get back at me for sitting on my driveway and b) was willing to do it in front of me.

If he is capable of this when he knows someone is watching, what is he going to do when no one is watching?
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