Friday, July 10, 2009

Pay Less Dough For Your Bread

My husband has been eating the same kind of bread for about 10 years now: Oroweat's Master's Best Winter Wheat. He is picky when it comes to bread, it can't be too bready, can't be too tough, and Winter Wheat has fit the bill.

And I love Oroweat's english muffins, I switch off between the Flax and the Double Fiber. So when I got a coupon in the mail that told me there was an Oroweat Outlet in Town, I did a little happy dance.

Located at 618 Grand Avenue in Vancouver, WA 98661 and directly across the street from the Washington School for the Blind, lies a building that must have once been a gas station. I figured it was a new place, but the cashier told me they have been there for 40 years.

At Fred Meyer's (local supermarket) Oroweat Winter Wheat costs $4.29
at the outlet it cost $2.39.

So I bought two of each of the bread and the muffins, used my buy one get one free coupon, got my *NEW* frequent customer card stamped AND because I spent $6, I got ANOTHER free thing of bread (Whole Wheat hamburger rolls-which we eat all the time).

Now, it certainly doesn't make sense to take a trip to the outlet in addition to the supermarket each week, but by buying a bunch, and freezing it, I am set for quite awhile.

This location also has products from Bob's Red Mill, Entenmann's, Boboli, and Thomas (to name a few).

I do realize that not everyone lives in Vancouver, WA, so I urge you to try and locate an outlet near you.

Just remember that it's not a good deal if a) you weren't going to buy it anyway and 2) it goes bad.
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