Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strong Is Sexy

Today was my first official workout day with my trainer, Kara Carlson. This time, Northwest Personal Training was full of people, and although I was initially worried I might not be able to hear Kara's directions with the other 10 or so people working out, it wasn't a problem.

We started with measurements. She measured me in places, no one has measured me before. But hey, the more measurements, the more information you have, and information is a great thing. She (very nicely) commented that she was surprised that my body fat was as high as it was. I said, "It's the height. That's been my problem. I used to tell myself that it's Ok that I weigh this much, I'm tall."

I don't care that I am currently on the border of obese. I know things are changing. I bought a new dress the other day, size MEDIUM, I keep finding "divots" on my body where I've lost fat, and Martin commented the other day that there seemed to be less of me. So I know I am on the right track. Oh, and I feel fabulous.

As she measured me, I was able to show her my insulin pump and insulin pump site and I'm sure she was surprised with how small and fancy it looks. I hope that dispelled any worries she might have.

Soon enough, we headed out to the floor and started the routine. Since I know that I need to actually fatigue my muscles in order to make progress, I agreed to up my weights. Turns out I can lift 12 lbs (when I thought I could only lift 8) per arm. That felt pretty awesome.

I've never had someone be with me before, so it was lovely for her to hand me the weights, hold parts of me that needed to be stabilized, and to check and offer suggestions for correcting my form. It left me free to just focus on lifting and breathing.

Later on we did some core work and I was delighted to find out that the exercise she had chosen for me was too easy. She quickly corrected that. But it felt great to feel so strong!

Strangely enough, one of the best parts of the workout was when she helped me stretch. She pushed, pulled, and put her body weight on parts of me that I simply can't do myself. That felt great.

Because I had skipped the aerobic part of my workout this morning, due to the record heat, they let me jump on the treadmill for 20 minutes. It was boring (I hadn't brought my music) but it was fabulous to workout in the air conditioned comfort.

So, I have my exercises (complete with explanations and graphics) to follow for the next four weeks. Because Kara is evil (in a good way) she wants me to up my set each week.

This should be very interesting.
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