Friday, July 3, 2009

Swap That DVD

My husband and I own a whopping 12 DVDs. 8 of which are workout DVDs and 4 of those, I don't really use anymore. Rather than leaving them to collect dust, and because I'd love to get some new ones without paying much for them I looked in to swapping them.

My first stop was Swaptree, a place where you can swap DVDs, books, CDs, and video games. I played with the demo, but was disappointed that I couldn't actually search through the current listings. But because I could swap various items, not just DVDs, I signed up. Once I signed up, I searched through the listings and saw that Swaptree had hardly any workout DVDs, and none that I wanted.

Also, after investigating, I realized I don't have excess books or games to swap, so I moved over to SwapADVD.

Here, you can actually search the listings first and I found many more exercise DVDs, so I signed up.

Upon entering my DVDs, I was notified that two of them were already on some one's list, and was asked if could send them in the next two days. So I printed out the shipping "envelopes" and will mail them today. Because I only had 4 DVDs (if you enter 10 you get an automatic credit) I will have to wait for my sent DVDs to be received before I am eligible to get any myself, but I'm O.K. with that.

All in all, I think that swapping DVDs is a great idea, and I pick SwapADVD as my favorite swapping service.
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