Thursday, August 6, 2009

Immerse Yourself

Ok, to be fair, if I heard that someone read 18 books on a particular subject, I might think they were a bit obsessed. But since, that someone is ME, I will say that rather than obsessed, I am a voracious researcher. (Yeah, I like that!)

So yes, I've read 18 books about sustainability consulting, eco-efficiency, green living, etc. I've learned a lot, and I'm also astounded at the number of books on the market in this genre. I keep reading them, but I keep finding more. As with most books, I get them from the library. And whatever books I request, that can't be found either at my library or through interlibrary loan, the library ends up buying. So now, the Fort Vancouver Washington Library system has quite an extensive green collection. (You are welcome.)

The problem with reading 18 books about a particular subject is that you tend to read the same thing over and over. But I soldier on (and heavily skim) because I like hearing different voices talk about the same subject. And sometimes they disagree (I like that the best!).

So, I have to go now. There are two books waiting for me on the bedside table, and 2 more being held for me at the library. Must. Continue. On.
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