Monday, August 10, 2009

Know Your Limit

Some might say that I like Kashi's food a little too much (but that's just because he wants more of the cookies). I can't help it if I love their TLC: Stoneground 7 Grain party crackers and their TLC: Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies. And the fact that they are based in La Jolla, CA, hometown of some of my family, and the town next to where I used to live, sure doesn't hurt.

But apparently I do draw a line. I went online to see if I could find coupons for Kashi and I found that Kashi has it's own online community. Um, ok. I guess I should applaud them for trying to expand their market, drawing in users, and making what really is just a series of ads, in to a social networking site. But I'm not signing up for anything just to get a few coupons.

So, Kashi community, you go ahead, spend your time answering quizzes, and learning about boosting calcium.

I'm gonna go take my cookie and sit outside.
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