Friday, August 14, 2009

See It Through To The End

A few summers ago, Martin and I decided to watch Richard Wagner's The Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen). Our library had the complete set of the Metropolitan Opera's performance. So we watched it. All 7 discs. All 14 1/2 hours of it. (Not all at once of course.)

It was a wonderful experience. I hadn't heard that much German since my honeymoon (only this had subtitles!!!), and I finally understood what Valhala meant. I enjoyed making Martin sick by saying, "Hey! I know this music. It's from that Pork commercial! (or) It's from that Bugs Bunny sketch!" And of course, I enjoyed using the word "Fafner" in a fun new way. (Sorry, but what happens on the racquetball court, stays on the racquetball court.)

So this summer, it's Bond. James Bond. All 22 of them. It's been truly fascinating to watch Bond evolve. We've learned a lot along the way. For instance, James Bond actually gets married (albeit quite briefly). Although, I've seen enough women saying, "Oh, James" to last a lifetime, and I'm kind of sick of shark tanks, it's been a great run. Plus, I realized that the bathing suit that Daniel Craig wears in Casino Royale

Oh, sorry. Got distracted there for a minute....

Right, so the shorts that DC wears are almost identical to the ones that Sean Connery wears in Thunderball. (Sorry, couldn't find a picture.)

I'm not sure what we will do next summer, I think we are running out of outrageously long series to watch on DVD. Any suggestions?
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