Monday, September 21, 2009


So I've adjusted pretty well to the news that I have an extra lumbar vertebra. (It's been almost 68 minutes.) I'm zipping back and forth between thinking that Mother Nature is a tricky lady, and composing new slogans for bumper stickers/t-shirts:

My spine can kick your spine's butt!

My backbone is better than your backbone and I've got the X-ray to prove it.

My brother asked me how I was feeling, I told him that it felt like a rug had been whipped out from under me (again). But that it made a lot of sense and that I was happy to know what has been going on all these years.

Sometimes I think that evolution is neat and that the human body is amazing. But sometimes I think that Mother Nature gave me an extra back bone on purpose. That somehow she knew I would be a tender soul and that I would need the extra support.

Either way, there is still no way in hell I am ever going to see the Body Worlds exhibit.

(Although I do expect them to call any day now. I'm sure they don't have a Type 1 Diabetic with an extra lumbar vertebra yet!)
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