Friday, September 25, 2009

Be Blatant

Yesterday I attended the Northwest Environmental Business Council's Climate Change: Positioning Your Business conference in Portland, OR. Simply put, it was wonderful. But the high point was attending The ROI of Carbon Management session put on by Virinder Singh of Hat Trick Energy & Environmental Consulting, Sanjay Kapoor of s2 (S squared) Sustainability Consulting, Brad Ouderkirk of Ecos Consulting, Alan Zelenka of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, and Kevin Wilhelm of Sustainable Business Consulting, and author of Return on Sustainability.

While it was certainly informative and fascinating, I got the biggest kick when they described what they do. Because, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO BE DOING. I was so excited, I found myself almost tipping over the table I was sitting at. I wanted to ask them the best way to get noticed by a firm such as theirs (in the current climate) but I felt it was off topic.

But don't worry I have a plan.

Until then, let me take the time to be as blatant as possible.

I want to work at a sustainability consulting/eco-efficiency firm in the Pacific Northwest area. I want to help businesses save money, energy and time by helping them with GHG/Efficiency audits, strategic planning and reporting.

And if I don't get hired soon, I may start creating fictional companies, just so I can run audits on them. Yes, I am that obsessed with efficiency.
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