Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be Consistent

I would say I've had very good luck with the Chiropractor. Everything she has done has helped, and on her insistence of an x-ray, we learned how close I am to being able to star in a Carnival Freak Show!

My only problem is with one of the exam rooms. Exam room #2 to be exact. The room itself is fine. Not enormous, but big enough for both of us. The problem is the wall. Someone very thoughtfully painted some inspiring words on the wall.




Yep, that's right, STRENGTH, not STRENGTHEN and it drives me crazy. I haven't spoken up yet because I'm afraid the doctor will think I'm more of a nut that she probably already thinks I am.

But one of these days I may just smuggle in a paintbrush and some paint and fix it.
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