Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Make Concessions

In a social situation, when someone learns that I am diabetic, the first words out of their mouth are usually, "Are you supposed to eat that?"

Don't do that. It's not helpful and it just makes me want to punch you in the solar plexus.

All diabetics (Type 1, Type 2, Type 1.5, Gestational) can eat any kind of food they want. The trick is to know how many carbohydrates are in what you are eating, and to plan your insulin accordingly. HOWEVER, there are certain foods that frankly, will screw you and your blood sugar up for hours. Two of these include pizza and baked goods.

Pizza, with its evil, cheesy, crusty, goodness can make your blood sugar drop initially (the fat keeps the carbohydrates from being absorbed) and then shoot your blood sugars sky high for hours afterwards. It's so tricky to deal with, insulin pumps have a special setting called extended bolus, square wave bolus, etc., just to try and master it. (But we all just call it the pizza bolus.)

I don't eat dessert regularly, but when I'm at a friend's for dinner, and they've made a lovely dessert, I usually want to have some. Because I haven't a clue about the carbohydrate amount, the initial yumminess is usually followed by hours and hours of nutty blood sugars (that often keep me up all night long). So the last time this happened, I decided I'd had enough.

No more dessert at night.

(I'll just take it home and have it during the day.)

I was going to swear off pizza altogether, but then my lovely husband pointed out that if I only had pizza at lunch (and did a better job of carbohydrate counting), I'd have all day to manage the blood sugars.

So, like I said, diabetics can eat whatever they want. But it's smart to eat it at the right time.
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