Monday, October 26, 2009

Do the Math

So, I've been exercising and eating consciously for 5 months. Yes, it's nice that I am now a size 12, yes it's nice to fit in my wedding dress again, yes, it's nice to day dream about buying a bikini. But none of that is really important. What is? The fact that I am actually healthier.

Because I am a Type 1 Diabetic, there are stringent cholesterol numbers I am supposed to aim for.

So, in the past 5 months, my total cholesterol has dropped 37 points, my HDL has gone up 6 (this is a good thing), and my LDL has gone down 19 points. My numbers are now all below (or in the case of HDL) higher than the targets. This means I have reduced my heart attack risk. And according to the Living to 100 life expectancy calculator, I am going to live to 97. (That's a lot of years to wear bikinis.)

Yay me!
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