Monday, November 23, 2009

Bounce Back

I actually slept through most of the night last night. There was no fence destroying storm (on the plus side, our yard looks enormous now) to keep me awake, the extra down comforters kept my corpse-cold toes warm enough for me to sleep, and I was able to ignore the discomfort from my incision.

This means I currently have the most energy I've had in the last 3 weeks. I am taking note of all the appointments I had to cancel, window shopping on-line for lingerie (shouldn't a scar be bathed in silk?), telling my walking partner that I'm back on for Tuesday, babbling on and on to my poor, sweet husband, and thinking about bikinis. Bikinis? Seems I've never had one. That's a damn shame. I'm going to have to do something about it.

I know that the energy high I am on right now will not last all day. I fully expect to crash. But with my first post operation appointment on today's docket, and stacks of books waiting for me at the library, I am all smiles.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rest Up

Here's a little math problem for you.

12 phone calls to my primary care physician to get an orthopedic referral
1 orthopedist that "doesn't think I really need a MRI"
1 very uncomfortable MRI
back pain trailing down my left leg, with numbness

What does that equal?

Well apparently it equals "emergency" lumbar back surgery. So, it may be quiet here for a bit while I recover. (I'm currently 5 days post operation already.)

But I promise I will be back. (Oh gosh, really bad unintentional pun.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Work It Out (At Home)

While I have found some classes at the gym that I like (kickboxing, Zumba), they aren't scheduled when I want to exercise (6:45 am), and getting to the gym, getting changed, etc. wastes 30 minutes. So I like to exercise at home. The trick to exercising at home is variety. (Actually, that's the trick to exercising in general.)

So, for you, dear readers.

5 Fabulous Exercise DVD Resources:

1. Collage Video
Hands down, the best workout video resource I have ever seen. They have reviews, they have clips, they have everything. If the DVD you want isn't on their list, it's not worth doing.

2. Netflix-live streaming
Sure you've streamed movies, but did you know you can also instantly stream workout videos? Just click on the Sports & Fitness genre. Most of the movies they stream are from The 10 Minute Solution line, but all those videos are stellar. (You aren't able to mix up the 10 minutes segments like you can with the DVD, but it's great nonetheless.)

3. SwapADVD
Swap DVDs for just the price of shipping. I've ordered over 10 videos, and shipped about 7, and every transaction has been positive.

4. Fitness Magazine's Create A Video Workout/Video Workouts
You will need to create an account for the personalized Video Workouts, but the viewing of all workouts is free.

5. Exercise TV
Watch various workout videos all for free! You can also sign up (& pay for) access to more videos.