Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Paid To Recycle

What now? Someone will pay me to recycle?


Ok, technically, the money has to go to a charity, like your local school, but still, this is MONUMENTAL!

(You can pick any charity, you just need to supply a name, contact info and a valid tax ID#.)

TerraCycle, originally an organic fertilizer company, but now a "multi-category, eco-friendly powerhouse" collects items like chip bags, drink pouches and lotion tubes, that would otherwise be headed for a landfill and makes them in to useful products like backpacks, pencils and clipboards.

Here’s how it works:

1. The team leader signs up online at
2. The team leader creates a collection team
3. Begin collecting! The team leader is immediately able to access posters and shipping materials through their TerraCycle profiles.
4. Once you have collected the minimum pieces of waste (it varies by program), download a FREE UPS shipping label and use it to send the waste to TerraCycle via UPS.
5. You can track your collections and donations online by signing in to your TerraCycle account.

(Above quote taken from

I highly suggest you get as many friends & family involved and pick an item that you are already buying on a regular basis. Buying things, just so you can recycle them makes no sense.

I'm thinking of joining the Aveeno Tube Brigade, the Kashi Package Brigade, and the Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade.

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