Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Go Back To Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away
Worries for another day
Let the music play
Down at Fraggle Rock

I watched Fraggle Rock as a child, and the other day I found it again on Netflix (live streaming). I watched a few episodes, filled my heart with childhood nostalgia, and realized what an extraordinary show Fraggle Rock is. I've watched quite a few of the present day kids shows, and FR blows them out of the water. It has at least 2 original songs per episode, teaches fundamental skills and the expressiveness of the puppets is just amazing.

I think Fraggle Rock is a high quality kids show and you should consider letting yours watch it. (Obviously, before letting your kids watch, you should watch an episode first.) And if you happen to live near Atlanta, Georgia, you can go see the actual Fraggle Puppets at the Center For Puppetry Arts.
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