Monday, March 22, 2010

Close Those Holes: Home Energy Audit #2

As you know, I'm doing energy audits for friends and family aka "clients". My second client is the proud owner of a 1 story, 3 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom, house with a full basement built in 1958.

I did a full energy audit (as always), plugged in my Kill-A-Watt and did my usual thing. The biggest issue I found involved part of the garage that had been converted in to the mudroom and then led to the basement. Upon opening the door between the kitchen and the mudroom you could immediately feel a cold blast of air, even though the room was insulated. My high priority recommendations were about keeping the cold air out and keeping the warm air in.

Close Those Holes

1. Replace broken cat door. (It was letting in cold air from the garage.)

2. Fix weatherstripping on door from mudroom to the outside. (You could actually see light pouring through the opening.)

3. Plug up unused basement chimney (You could almost see the dollar bills floating up it.) I suggest they buy a inflatable chimney plug (about $50) or just wrap some foam (or an old seat cushion) in plastic and shove it up there.

Once again it was the little things that added up to lots of wasted energy.
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