Monday, March 29, 2010

Fake It To Make It

I don't have a job. But I want one. Pretty badly in fact. But I also refuse to go backwards when it comes to my health and fitness. So as I diligently send in resumes, work as many connections as I can, and continue to educate myself on every aspect of the energy efficiency/alternative energy field, I am pretending that I do have a job.

It's my "TJ" (theoretical job) if you will. This means that Monday thru Friday I am up at 6:00 5:50 am, working out at 6:15 (either cardio or weight lifting) and showered, dressed and breakfast eaten (or carried) and ready to go out the door at 8:15 am. (I figure my start time will be 9 am with a 45 minute commute.)

It's working quite well so far, it encourages me to prep my clothes the night before, gets me off the floor quicker after my workout and keeps me focused on the necessary tasks.

And if I need to start work at 8 am? Oh, I have a plan for that too. But for now, I am just focusing on refining the one I have.
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