Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eat A Lime

A friend from my hometown recently moved to this area. She has an adorable 4 year old daughter. I think I managed to say hello first, before blurting out "Captain Bogg & Salty! You need to go see Captain Bogg & Salty!" But then I realized, why stop at just telling her?

I will tell all of you!

Captain Bogg & Salty is a Portland, OR based Pirate Band. Having no children of our own, Martin and I were lured to a concert with the promise of hanging out with a friend's child. I expected a painful 2 hour ordeal, but it was actually quite enjoyable.

(I used to work in a Children's toy store, so I know all about horrible Children's music.)

Start here for a bit of a taste, or take a bite by buying their music here (I suggest the album: Pegleg Tango). And try to catch them live, it's quite the electric experience.

Pirate clothing is optional, but highly suggested.

Original Hat tip: CamiKaos
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