Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It Doesn't Much Matter If You Match

I've been taking my own grocery bags to the grocery store for over ten years. I've been grumbled at:
"These canvas bags are hard to get the groceries in to"
I've been complained to:
"These bags say Trader Joe's, you are at Safeway!"
I've been yelled at by a dude in a car:
"Hey, this isn't Trader Joe's!" [loudly] "Hmmrpm, but I guess at least you are using reusable bags." [quietly]

Did all the grumbling and complaining stop me? Hell no. I ignored the grumblers, I told the complainers that if it was a problem, I'd be happy to just leave all my groceries on the conveyor belt and leave the store. (That always shut them up.) And I just shrugged my shoulders at the car dude and kept loading up my car.

I "shopped" around for the best bags (waterproof, good handles, sturdy) and I found the Trader Joe's ones to be the best. I even had a friend bring me some of her's from California so I'd have a set of 5. (Who says I'm A.R.??)

My point: Your reusable bag does not need to match the store you are shopping at.

Go make me proud!
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