Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Read The Fine Print

A year or two ago, I had a copy of the Portland, OR/ Vancouver, WA ReDirect Guide (if you live in the Denver, CO or Salt Lake City area you have one too!) and a bit of time on my hands. (The ReDirect Guide is a "Healthy and sustainable business directory and lifestyle guide" aka the "Green" Yellow Pages.) So I decided to read the entire guide, cover to cover. Ok, fine, my Anal Retentive personality also wanted to find the "fake ad" (which I did, thank you very much).

Either way, it was quite interesting to see all the business and services offered up for my enjoyment. Well, with Earth Day fast approaching (April 22) so is a brand spanking new ReDirect Guide. You can pick one up at many area locations. Or, just use the online search function. With over 432 categories, you are bound to find what you need! Looking to place an ad in the ReDirect Guide? You can do that too!

Now I just need to figure out if the frog on the cover has a name. I think he looks like a Thomas, but it's rude to just assume.
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