Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Be So Frosty: Energy Audit #4

As you know, I've been doing residential energy audits for "clients". Audit #4 was at a lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home built in 1908. Yes, that's right, 1908.

Among the long list of recommendations I sent over after the audit, was a suggestion to get rid of some refrigerators. I say some, because they had 3. One in the kitchen and two in the basement. Now, I don't believe in tossing (or recycling) things just for recycling's sake. So here are some guidelines to follow to decide if it's time to retire an old refrigerator.

Find the model number tag on your fridge. (Photo help.)

Put your info in to the Energy Star Retirement Savings Calculator.

(In general refrigerators made before 1980 cost $150 more a year to run than new Energy Star ones. Refrigerators made before 1993 can cost up to $50 more a year.)

Keep in mind that many utilities will pick up the offending appliance for free and give you a credit on your bill. (For example: Clark Public Utilities in Vancouver, WA will give it's customers a $30 credit.)

Is it really worth paying X in order to keep a six pack of beer cold? It's your decision.
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