Sunday, June 20, 2010

Challenge Yourself On The Cheap

Every six weeks I change out my weightlifting/strength training exercises, and increase my weights by 5 lbs.

Currently I am doing:

Squats with bicep hammer curls (18.5 lbs)
Dumbbell dead lifts with shoulder press (18.5 lbs)
Rear lateral raise (8 lbs.)
Dumbbell fly (8 lbs.)

(and 7 other exercises that, for the purpose of this blog post, will not be mentioned.)

In 3 weeks it is time to switch exercises and up the weight by 5 lbs. But, instead of doing that, I thought I'd try to challenge myself in a new way.

So rather than increasing the weights, I will do the exercises on one leg. This increases core work and generally makes your body work harder. Eventually, I will probably spring for a BOSU, but at $120 a pop, I can hold off for a while.

So in 3 short weeks I will be doing:

One legged squats with bicep curls
One legged dumbbell dead lifts with weighted front raise
Rear lateral raises on a stability ball (one leg in the air)
Dumbbell flies on the stability ball (one leg in the air)

(Plus the 7 other exercises that don't involve weights.)

I will probably have to decrease the amount of weight I lift, but I'm pretty sure my body will enjoy the challenge.
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