Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Let It Go

When we moved in to our house 7 or so years ago, the front flower beds were filled with bunched and twisted roses. I eventually ripped those suckers out and replaced them with nice, calming, low maintenance lavender. But every year, no matter what I did, gigantic stalks would rise from the flower bed.

I noticed that my neighbor, Frank, had them too, but didn't yet make the connection. While he left his in, I was always yanking the whole thing out. (I'm pretty sure they are Allium.)

Then one year, Frank mentioned that there used to be garden where our house now stood and that he had planted many things in it. Realizing that he had put the Allium in my yard, and that he probably didn't want to see it pulled out, I would wait until he was inside to remove it. (Since the lack of 4 feet high plants are so easy to miss.)

This year, Frank is gone. He now resides at the cemetery across from the V.A. Hospital. His house is up for sale, and they are slowly de-Franking it. I'm fully expecting his bird houses on his fence to be thrown away next.

So this year, in honor of Frank, I am leaving the Allium alone.
Not that yanking them out every year even did anything anyway!
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