Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stop Using Your Energy To Fail

Back in January, when everyone was flush with New Year's Resolutions, I urged you to take it slowly and make it stick. How many of you listened? How many of you forged ahead and succeeded? How many of you forged ahead only to crash and burn?

If you did crash and burn, know that you have just gifted yourself with a lesson. You can, you will, try again, but this time with new tools.


Figure out why you keep failing.

If you just jump to the next fitness program without figuring this out, you will most likely fail again. And again, and again. Take better care of yourself NOW by figuring this out.

The day I was able to flip the switch, was the day that I admitted to myself that I was overweight and that it WAS NOT O.K. and that I alone had the power to change it.

I starting making myself and my health a priority over EVERYTHING ELSE in my life.

You can be trim. You can be healthy.

Take all the energy you've been putting in to failing (argue with me all you want, but you know I am right) IN TO WINNING.
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