Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do It Like DT

As you know, I enjoy reading fitness books. So I was especially excited to learn about Dara ("DT") Torres' new book, Gold Medal Fitness. So, excited in fact, that I tweeted about it.

And much to my delight, she replied:

She asked me to let her know what I thought about it, so I figured I'd cover all my bases at once by posting my thoughts here.

Gold Medal Fitness:

Grade: A

A solid, thoughtful book about health and fitness. Dara speak honestly without any need to be all "Hollywood" (see: Jackie Warner) or "badass" (see: Jillian Michaels). She comes off as logical and practical.

The Gold:
* Discussion/exercise examples of Ki-Hara resistance stretching (just this is worth the price of the book).
* Discussion of Rest & Recovery
* Discussion/exercise examples of using three planes of movement in your workout

The Disqualifications:

* 6 of the 15 strength training exercises require a cable machine of some sort. This means you must go to a gym to do them. If she mentioned that you can recreate most of these moves at home with a SPRI type athletic band, it would make the routine more flexible.

*Dara provides 15 weeks of strength training exercises, but she does not talk about what to do during week 16+. (I know that most people stop a exercise routine after month 2, and no fitness book I have read ever talks about next steps, but I'm still holding out hope.)

What I'm Taking From It:
* 17 Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Exercises
You can get her Resistance Stretching DVD or flashcards to help you even more.
* Exercise: Rainbow with Medicine Ball or Weight
* Exercise: Smith Press Crunch
* Exercise: Star Push Up
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