Monday, July 19, 2010

Learn The Art of Community

A few weeks back, someone mentioned that with my background and skills, I would be a perfect Community Manager. It sounded like an incredibly fun job, so of course, I began to do more research. I immediately thought of Dawn Foster (friend and Community Manager of MeeGo) and began devouring her series of blog posts on 'Community Manager Tips'. From there I moved on to Jono Bacon's The Art of Community (O'Reilly). I found the book to be incredibly helpful, so I let him know via Twitter.

Soon after these exchanges, I learned that the Community Leadership Summit 2010 would be happening soon in Portland, OR. And guess who was one of the organizers? Well, Mr. Jono Bacon himself. So of course, being a good community steward, I invited him to a local tech event that was going on before the conference. And he said yes.

I quickly alerted everyone that I knew had RSVP'ed to the conference. To Marshall Kirkpatrick, editor of Read Write Web, and also to Rick Turoczy, of The Silicon Florist. I unfortunately had to leave Beer and Blog before Jono got there, but the hug he gave me on Saturday morning when we finally met in person, more than made up for it!

The conference was wonderful, I made some new friends, and learned even more about the trials and successes of being a Community Manager.

I said this to everyone I saw at the conference, and I will say it again: I highly recommend reading Jono's book. The free PDF version is: right here.
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