Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rule The School

Schools out for the summer! You know what that means, right? No, not that. It means EMPTY PLAYGROUNDS! (Well, at least in the early morning anyway.)

Playground equipment is perfect for doing a cardio circuit. I scouted the location first, so that I could come up with the exercises and decide what equipment to bring, and tried it out on Thursday.

Playground Cardio Circuit

5 minute warm up (walk to the elementary school, carrying 6 lb. medicine ball)
5 Wall Throws (Threw the medicine ball against a cement wall and squatted to catch it.)
5 Hop Ups* (Grid painted on ground, used it like an agility ladder.)
5 Hazard Runs* (Ran through yellow diagonal lines painted on ground.)
5 Modified Pull Ups (Used the chin up bars on the playground structure.)

Then I repeated the circuit. I went a total of 45 minutes (which ended up being 5 times through) then walked home (cool down).

*My names for them, since I made the exercises up.

You can do whatever your heart (or imagination) desires, just be sure to get your heart beating fast (I wore my heart rate monitor to make sure I was working hard enough).

To increase intensity:
Increase the number or reps you do per exercise. For example, the first time I did this routine (Thursday) I did 5 sets of each exercise before moving on the next one. On Tuesday, I did 6 sets of each exercise.
Run between each 'station'
Carry light hand weights

Have fun!

NOTE: The former teacher in me would like to remind you that we don't run up slides. Thank you.
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