Thursday, August 12, 2010

Draw A Line

Some people call me lazy, some people call me brilliant. (Only the ones that call me brilliant survive.) Originally to aide in treatment of my low blood sugars, (instead of trying to measure out Gatorade/Powerade while my heart is pounding and adrenaline is coursing through me) I drew 8 oz marks ("mustaches") on the outside of our *well loved* plastic cups. All I have to do is pour and go.

I realized recently, that I've also been using the mustache glasses for other things. I want 8 oz. (one serving size) of Chocolate Soy Milk but don't want to get out the measuring cup? Bingo! I use the mustache cup. I want 8 oz. (one serving size) of apple juice? Bingo! Mustache cup.

I suppose I could also just drink out of one of those glass measuring cups, but even I have my limits, that would be truly strange.
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