Friday, August 20, 2010

Make Every Exercise A Core Exercise

It's been about six weeks, so it's time to change my strength training routine. My push ups, planks and ab exercises are all going to get harder. And rather than increasing my weight amount this time, I'm going to actually decrease it, but add more stability work.

Each exercise is done 15 times (*= 15 times each side):

5 minute warm up

Lateral lunge with one legged biceps curl (13.5 lbs)
Step ups (bench is 10.5 inches high) with overhead shoulder press (13.5 lbs)

Rear lateral raise on stability ball (8 lbs)
Dumbbell fly on stability ball (8 lbs)

Skull crushers on stability ball (8 lbs)
Stacked feet push ups

Wingman (3 lbs)
V Tucks

Oblique V Ups*
Superman on stability ball*

This routine is done 3 times a week.

Week One: I do one set of each exercise
Week Two-Three: I do two sets of each exercise
Weeks Four-Five: I do three sets of each exercise

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